Monday, April 13, 2009

Halpern talks about George Alec Effinger

Even before SF writer George Alec Effinger died in 2002, ace editor Marty Halpern had begun working on a collection of Effinger's "Budayeen" stories and trying to revive Effinger's career.

Halpern has now begun a three-part blog series, looking back at the three Effinger collections he edited for Golden Gryphon Press. It's a valuable source of information about an author I've always loved.

My tribute site for Effinger (needs a bit of updating, but includes FAQ) is here.

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Marty Halpern said...

Hey, Tom, thanks, as always, for thinking of GAE (geez, his death will have been 7 years ago already later this month!) -- and me -- and posting a link to my essay.

All best,
- marty