Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tom Disch

I'm indebted to Brett Cox for returning from Readercon and duly reporting to me that one of my favorite writers, Thomas Disch, has a blog. You can read it here and also subscribe to it at Bloglines.

Disch complained in a recent blog entry (I think he may later have deleted it) that at Readercon "all the books I signed were crumbly with age. No novels after Camp C, no books of poetry."

Made me feel bad I haven't been to Readercon lately. I guess I'm an atypical Disch reader, since nearly everything of his I've read has been since CAMP CONCENTRATION. I've only read one novel so far, ON WINGS OF SONG, but I have three books of poetry in my book collection (YES, LET'S is especially good -- it's the "greatest hits" collection), a book of poetry criticism THE CASTLE OF INDOLENCE and a short story collection, THE MAN WHO HAD NO IDEA.

A few of Disch's poems are posted here.

I've started reading 334.