Monday, September 11, 2006


My wife and I went on vacation a few weeks ago to Hilton Head, South Carolina. We took my mother-in-law, Treva Richey, along with us and hooked up with my wife's sister and her family.

When we rented a house in Hilton, the literature they sent to my wife gave instructions on how to behave if we saw an alligator. I figured this was just hype designed to make the place seem more interesting than it really is, but when we arrived there was a lagoon in the back of our house, crossed by a footbridge. And sure enough, on most days an alligator about five foot long would come drifting along behind our house. (Ann also managed to ride her bike within a few feet of the thing as it was trying to relax on the bank.)

Obviously, my new career as a nature photographer needs work, but here he is.

We also had a lizard who lived on our front porch. If this little fellow enjoys eating mosquitoes, he'll never go hungry in South Carolina.