Thursday, October 09, 2008

Selling libertarianism

The new issue of Reason magazine has a David Weigel interview with Bob Barr (not online yet, as far as I can tell) which includes a great Barr quote on how Libertarians should talk to the unconverted:

"Every citizen in this country, I believe, has some area of their lives — whether it's their personal behavior within their homes, whether it's how to educate and discipline their children, whether it's about how to run their business, their political thought, their religious practices — where they want to be left alone. The Libertarian Party, I think, needs to recognize that and appeal to that and draw that out from the American public and the American voters, rather than talk just generally about great philosophical principles."

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Thomas Paine Jr. said...

In general, LP members aren't good at preaching to the unconverted and Barr's point is well-taken. Fortunately the job is easier because Americans are genetically Libertarian, but are usually raised either Democrat or Republican.