Sunday, February 17, 2008

My birthday dinner

This weekend was my birthday, so my wife took me out to dinner to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, Bo Loong, which is a little bit east of downtown Cleveland, near the Chinat0wn area. It's the kind of place where you often see Chinese people dining and which has items on the menu which you'd never see in an Americanized Chinese restaurant.

I took a couple of photographs at the place, one of which shows Ann at our table. I had the salt baked shrimp, which come in their shells, with two little black eyes like beads on one end. When my wife tried the dish at an earlier visit, she carefully decapitated each shrimp, and the waiter admonished her she was supposed to eat the whole thing. I took his advice and discovered that biting off the head was delicious.

We each had an entree and we each ordered soup. The waiter first brought my entree, then brought our soup, then brought our rice, then finally brought Ann's entree. He seemed puzzled when we pointed out he didn't bring us the soup first. I have no idea if this was bad service or the way genuinely authentic Chinese restaurants do things.

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