Friday, November 30, 2007

Instapundit's flexible facts

There's an old saying that "facts are stubborn things." But over at Instapundit, famed blogger Glenn Reynolds is trying to change the definition of what a libertarian is.

Reynolds, a reliable neocon with a few libertarian positions, has been mounting a sustained attempt to redefine what a libertarian is. He constantly offers posts such as this one to support his ongoing thesis that libertarians support the war in Iraq.

Glenn Reynolds will never tell you this, because it doesn't fit his ideological line, but noninterventionism is the mainstream libertarian position. It's been that way for more than 30 years, ever since the Libertarian Party was established.

Reynolds also likes to quote snarky comments left at big media sites, while banning comments at his own site.

Update: Reynolds complains about being called a "conservative blogger" because he supports Bush and the war. It gives a "false impression about yours truly," he says.

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Eric Dondero said...

Original libertarians were Pro-Defense. The modern libertarian movement arose out of Barry Goldwater's 1964 Presidential Campaign, and Goldwater was hardcore Pro-War. Than Dana Rohrabacher picked up the ball and almost single-handidly founded the libertarian political movement. Rohrabacher back then was hardcore Pro-Defense, and is very much in favor of the War in Iraq today as a US Congressman.

Dr. John Hospers was the 1st Libertarian Presidential candidate. Hospers is a longtime member of the Libertarian Defense Caucus. Hospers even voted for Bush in 2004 cause he saw Islamo-Fascism as the utlimate threat to our freedoms.

Other Pro-Defense libertarians over the years have included: Bob Poole, Jack Wheeler, Gene Burns, PJ O'Rourke, Larry Elder and Neal Boortz.

It's a complete myth that Pro-Pacifism and Pro-Surrender and Non-interventionism (Isolationism) is the "correct" libertarian view. It's only as a direct result of Rothbard's and Raimondo's effective propoganda machine from the 1970s that this has come about. Both were hardcore Leftists who infiltrated the previously Pro-Defense libertarian movement and hoisted their Anti-American views on the Libertarian Party. This is much the same as to what is happening today right before our very eyes. has successfully infiltrated the Ron Paul for President campaign and are presenting themselves as "libertarians."

Libertarianism has alway been Pro-Defense. Yes, the Pro-Defense wing was weakened for a couple decades, but now we're back, and we're going to be kicking the asses of all those Pacifist libertarians who want us to surrender to Islamo-Fascism.

Eric Dondero, Chairman
Libertarian Defense Caucus